March 26, 2009



Does anyone recall these Memories? If so, enlighten those of us who are now feeble-minded and no longer remember!


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Claire Thorson on October 5, 2010 1:54 AM
I can plug into a few of these.

"Animal Crackers" is a Marx Brothers film that was re-released during our high school years.  There was a small, but extremely insightful (I'm kidding!) cult following for Marx Brothers films.  And for Firesign Theater.  "Animal Crackers" remains a great film, full of hilarious adlibbing. 

"Zinnia 75"  refers to a prank some us pulled. I honestly can't remember who was involved.  We painted a big "75" on the pavement in the parking lot behind the school.  The paint was bright orange, a color called "zinnia".  

I'll look at the list and see if I can remember anymore.  


John Hammell on May 26, 2009 4:35 AM
Are Dave Rosen and Doug Colson around out there somewhere?

Last time I saw them was at our 5th Reunion in 1980, the only one I've been to. I was lucky as hell to survive what happened after that one because I almost landed in the Connecticut State Prison.

They were intrigued by my stories of what happened after I graduated and we went to Flynns Tavern where they plied me with shots which washed out my nutritional protection.  Two days after that, I helped a friend of mine move from Morristown back up to Hartford CT where we'd been in this place we called "The "Tute", (The Institute of Living).

What happened next was like something out of Hunter S. Thompsons "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", and I'm still not sure how I got out of it unscathed because I ended up destroying a police precinct in Hartford. I threw a police radio through a plate glass window, overturned a huge hardwood desk, ripped up file cabinets, snapped an American flag pole in the corner of the office over my knee and threw the broken pieces out the window. The two policewomen manning the place drew their guns on me, I disarmed them and threw their guns out into the street whereupon they fled in terror.

I then walked out of there very calmly since in my delusional state I thought I was the sole survivor of WW3 and I thought all the other people were actually robots sent by the evil dictator who in my mind I called "Ronnie the Raygun" (Reagan was President) to destroy me- but I had no fear because I was armed with a superball, and a purple plastic waterpistol machine gun (!) with which I intended to short out the robots (!)

The Hartford Psychosquad came cruisin' up to the curb with 6 police cars, bubble gum machines blastin' out their red and white strobes but no sirens and the biggest cops I've ever seen came up to me.

I was lucky they all had damn good senses of humor because I immediately started squirting all of 'em with the water pistol demanding to know if they were "Real cops" or "robots". They were all black and when I asked this question they all burst out laughing their asses off, and when I asked 'em suspiciously if they'd take me to Hartford Hospital, one of 'em said "Sho, we be GLAD to take ya'll to Harford Hospital GET IN THE CAR!!!

So, I got in the back of the police car, and they took me over. They were in the E.R. for a long time and I started getting scared, figuring I could starve to death in the back of that car since I figured those robots didn't realize we humans needed food, needed water, so I started kicking out the window with my hiking boots.

A geek in a white lab coat tried moving in on me with a hypo fulla thorazine, but I grabbed it outa his hand and winged it back at his head along with the cliipboard, and it took them an hour to get me, coming in from both sides because I was seriously agitated with a huge adrenaline rush.

They got me into 4 point restraints and shot me fulla 'zine and zonked me out cold.

When I came to, there were 2 nurses who I recognized hovering over me like angels of mercy. I knew them both because they'd previously worked at the IOL when I was a patient there.

I said to them "Did I REALLY do what I THINK I did???" They nodded gravely and looked very worried because they knew I wasn't actually a violent person and didn't deserve to do time in the forensic ward of the Connecticut State Prison, so I said "Are a bunch of detectives on their way over here to interrogate me?" They nodded again. So I said "Please! Ya gotta HELP ME!!! Please just give me some thorazine and let me get outa here, I promise I'll ride the Hound down to NYC and will go straight to my Dr.!!

Well they let me go, but I got picked up on the street by the cops and brought to the Hartford County Jail, but by some miracle didn't have to stand trial and ended up in the State Mental Hospital in Norwich.

In Norwich some other psycho tried to bean me in the head with a cue ball off a pool table, and I broke a pool cue over his head but they let me out after only 3 weeks.

I went right back on my orthomolecular nutritional regimine and steered clear of alcohol and drugs after that, and I've been fine ever since, but that was a close call.

None of this is Doug or Dave's fault, I'm sure as hell not blaming them for any of it, it was my OWN fault because I knew better. I just have a really fragile biochemistry and have to be careful, especially with alcohol. I have an occassional beer or glass of wine, but no longer drink to get drunk, I just can't.

I can smoke marijuana, as long as I know who grew it and approximately how much THC it has, but I have to be careful there too because in BC Canada theres some very potent Chron grown around here where I live now, so I only smoke stuff I get from a friend of mine where I know its potency- he has a State license to grow, so for him its legal.

Since I'm a competitive swimmer in a Masters swim club, I use a vaporizer to protect my lungs- can't mess with bongs- too much tar- but I like using the vaporizor.

Anyway, alls well that ends well! Anyone know if Dave and Doug are around out there? Just wanted to give a shout out- we went through Washington School together and all the way through so I hope those guys are ok out there.

I really enjoy fighting the government for a living, and living here where I do I get to fight the US and Canadian governments simultaneously due to NAFTA I can get paid to do consulting work in Canada too.

Had a blast working on the Ron Paul campaign in of all places Vancouver BC! You might think thats kinda strange til you realize theres actually a huge number of Americans liviing in "The Big Soak" cause its Hollywood North.

Ever heard of a guy named Marc Emory? He publishes Cannabis Culture Magazine and is known as "The Prince of Pot". The US government is trying to extradict him to the States because they want to bury him under the prison for selling seeds and he's been fighting in the courts for years but soon they're going to bring him down and it really sucks because he's a good man, he's reallly been helping a lot of people.

Anyway, he's also a Libertarian like I am and a strong supporter of Ron Paul, so he and I and his wife and a bunch of other people rented a limo and drove around the downtown core of Vancouver plastering Ron Paul signs everywhere, and we rode around on the Sky Train handing out Ron Paul literature which got us a lot of strange looks and people made comments like "Wrong Country!!" and we just laughed!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I still wish Ron had gotten in, he was the only honest person in the race- no way could I vote for Mcbraindead or for the Obamination- neither of them were for legalizing marijuana, and neither one was willing to pull our troops out, and both are actually tools of the Bilderberg Group which is deliberately destroying this country in order to force us into an NAU Dictatorship modelled after the EU, which is a dictatorship.

Oh well, I'll quit ramblin', but just wanted to end this rant by mentioning that it sure is a BLAST living here in Point Roberts WA, geographically separated from the rest of the state, and from the rest of the country by 27 miles of BC down on the end of this penninsula cut off by the border (See map at 

What I like the best about living here is that theres no zoning laws, you can do what the hell you want without the law trying to tell you what to do. I've got a chicken coop and have 3 roosters and 13 hens and its real nice having all kinda omelettes, and I've got a big organic garden too. I keep my sailing dinghy down on the beach a 5 min cycle ride from my house and go sailing any time I want, so I'm really happy!

If any of you from the Class of '75 ever need a place to crash, you're all always welcome here, I've got lots of space. You can be in downtown Vancouver in just a half hour from here, so I'm about as close to Vancouver as Summit is to NYC, but this is rural here- so it truly is the best of both worlds! Theres a bus in Tsawwassen BC, our neighboring town on the Canadian side that goes into Vancouver and I ride in a couple times a week to hang out and do stuff so I know the city pretty well by now.

Strange as it may sound, I actually miss Jersey a lot sometimes, and its fun to reminisce, so I'm glad someone built this website and I look forward to the reunion- just will be very damn careful not to wash out my nutrients, they're what keep me sane!

If any of you know anyone who might benefit from my personal story of recovery from schizophrenia, its on the web at and theres a resource guide at the end which can help guide people to the sort of help I finally got. I am very damn lucky to have recovered! Lotsa folks die behind those walls and I easily could have.

The main thing I learned from that hell I went through is that its not how much money or how many material things we have that matters, all that matters is just being happy and healthy, and when you have your health, you've got just about everything!

If any of you want to talk about any of this, I can be reached toll free at 800-333-2553 H&W, Pacific time, and don't worry about my phone bill, a client of mine pays it so I don't have one.

James Wyman on April 3, 2009 6:56 AM
It'd be interesting to see what people wrote in each other's yearbooks. And probably half of the pictures of people in my junior high yearbook from 7th grade -- teachers and all grades -- are "creatively" defaced.  

Bruce Atkinson on March 30, 2009 8:46 PM
Gronk and Akut. How the hell did you remember that? Yes, Ed Gein! The X-rated movie I think was either "Carnal Knowledge" or "The Last Tango In Paris" I think they were both rated "X" back then. Figures I'd remember that.
James Wyman on March 31, 2009 2:16 PM
Heh, you wrote the names above the picture in my yearbook. Other names, too. Like "ELMO." (You gotta say it just right, though -- ELlllLL MoO.) You drew a picture of a baby duck, too. No mention of the Moo Cow Creamer® (click here), however.
Bruce Atkinson on April 2, 2009 3:37 AM
Would love to see your yearbook and see what I wrote in it. My Jr. High yearbooks are hilarious. I want to buy that Moo Cow Creamer. How excellent would that be as a creamer dispenser.

Bruce Atkinson on March 30, 2009 7:47 PM
I think by the time this picture was taken we weren't sure which team we were cheering for. I'm pretty sure that's Steve Huettel third from left. "Traitor!" There may be a few other non-76ers in there. Is that Peter Laughlin next to Steven? I believe you are right about Maurice in the cap. I'm more concerned with Pg. 157. Check out that beauty on the left!
Mimi Allerton on March 31, 2009 4:25 PM
Please scan and load these great photos because our Memory Lane albums need help.  Bruce -- if you do scan the shot on page 157 would you ID the boys.  I'm fairly certain I know the names of three of the boys dressed in drag!!

Mimi Allerton on March 26, 2009 3:15 PM
Class of '75 undefeated refers to Powder Puff football and that we won both junior and senior years.  The '74 seniors even had Willie Wilson as a coach! 
James Wyman on March 27, 2009 11:49 AM
We won our junior year due to the efforts of the awesome cheerleaders, Gronk and Akut, the gorilla and the caveman in a dress. Bruce knows whereof I speak. They're in the '74 yearbook. They shall be scanned.
Mimi Allerton on March 27, 2009 1:46 PM

‘75 yearbook has a great shot of the cheerleaders attempting a chorus line that must be scanned, too.  I have an article in my scrapbook that mentions the "... unusually large turnout on such a cold and bitter day was a result of our extremely enthusiastic and irresistibly sexy male cheerleaders."   We'll put the article next to that dashing chorus line photo.

James Wyman on March 27, 2009 10:19 PM
Uh, Mimi? That was the Class of '76 male cheerleaders in that photo. Let them get their own website!
Mimi Allerton on March 28, 2009 10:05 AM

Now where did I put those reading glasses?  However, there are four boys not wearing "Spirit of '76" tee-shirts.  Maurice sure looks like the tall guy in the cap to me.  Paging senior boy cheerleaders ... 
(James and I are referring to the photo on page 159 of our senior yearbook.)


James Wyman on March 26, 2009 10:32 AM
Ed Gein and the closing of the D stand out for me. Ed was a notorious murderer from Wisconsin in the 50s who made a large impression on some of us.

"It's been real."
(Muttering under breath: "Much later.")

BTW, the message boards are open and functioning under the "SHS 75 Forums" link on the left. Start your own topics. No having to write your name or enter security codes.

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