15 September 2015
Dear Friends,

I am so touched to have been invited to your 40th reunion! “Thank You” from the depths of my heart for this most-kind gesture! Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you on Saturday, October 10th, for I have prior weekend commitments that cannot be changed. I do hope that I can join with you at some other time in the near future, for I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to reconnect with class members after so many years.
Mimi Allerton has been extraordinarily generous in reaching out to me with your class invitation. She shared details of all the reunion activities over several phone calls last week and enthusiastically made me aware of the class photo gallery resource available online. Naturally, I checked it out as soon as I got off the phone with Mimi! Great stuff!
It was a very special treat to view the student gallery and fondly reconnect sweet memories of so many of you. I was thrilled by the numerous and sharp details that I remembered so quickly and clearly. I felt a rush of special affection and familiarity, which I have always carried for the Summit High School Class of ’75. The SHS Class of 1975 remains in the top three most beloved classes ever taught in my 45-year career. Your class, and many of your families, welcomed and supported me in my emerging years as a teacher. Your class helped me to experience the fullness and richness of the exemplary learning community called Summit High School. Your class collectively helped me to learn, grow, and achieve like no other class ever has. These priceless gifts, along with your friendship so freely given, remain as true treasures that I carry with me every day with infinite gratitude.

Thank you again for including me this year in your reunion planning. Be playful and have a great time reconnecting at the upcoming reunion events. Remember what an exceptional group of learners and individuals you are and know that I will be fondly holding the SHS Class of ‘75 in the Light on the night of October 10th.

With deepest affection and gratitude,
Randy W. Granger,
National Board Certified Teacher, EA/YA Art
The Randy W. Granger Chair in Art + Design
Wm. Penn Charter School
3000 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA. 19144