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Does this song take you back?

My cousin Geoff grew up in Highland Park, near New Brunswick. He was our age, and I hung out with him sometimes during school vacations. He used to sneak out his bedroom window when he was 12 to play keyboards in a band with guys a lot older and he used to jam with "the Boss" before he ever became famous down in Asbury Park. I've always liked this song, and something about it seems fitting as we come back together for this reunion. When I hear this song it causes me to miss good old Jersey, so many good memories of hangin' out "down the shore...." For me, that meant Red Bank where my dad grew up and where our family did a lot of sailing on the Navisink river and Sandy Hook Bay; but also Long Beach Island and everywhere else up and down the coast. How could 35 summers have come and gone so quickly? I remember playing pomp and circumstance as our class procession marched into the gym on my trombone, and felt really sad when I put my horn down to join that procession. There was no band at tiny Washington College, but one day I was at a pawnshop in Virginia where I saw that same make and model horn as I'd played in high school and in a moment of strength I walked in and bought it. Then I started playing gigs in a band that played gigs in the pubs around Virginia Tech University and it was fun just playing by ear! Starroots Galactic Band.... Angelo Merola woulda had a heart attack!