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Mark Cise Just Died of a Heart Attack- Heart Disease is Totally Preventable

Judging from the obituary, Mark probably died of a heart attack. It says to donate to the American Heart Association. Actually, doing that won't solve anything, because thats a Big Pharma SCAM organization that is NOT interested in solving the problem of heart disease. The largest sector of Pharmaceutical sales lies in the category of heart drugs, and they include some of the most dangerous and ineffective drugs on the market. Think about Vioxx for example... it injured and killed huge numbers of people before finally being pulled off the market. The Pharmaceutical industry has a BUSINESS with disease that they like very much to KEEP going. So they go through the motions of "helping us" via the "American Heart Association", the "American Cancer Association", etc.....

Linus Pauling, PhD and Matthias Rath, MD, PhD published The Solution to Human Cardiovascular Disease in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in 1991, but this information has been massively suppressed by Big Pharma because the solution involves the use of very inexpensive, non patentable "penny" vitamins: vitamin C, lysine, and other nutrients:

Heart attacks and strokes are both caused by the same thing: weakspots in the vascular walls caused by insufficiently strong collagen. Collagen is the cement like protein that binds all cells together. The best way to strengthen the collagen is via the Rath/ Pauling nutritional protocol. When your collagen isn't strong enough, its like a bicycle innertube with a weak spot--- its easy to have a "blow out". When it happens in your heart, its a "heart attack" when it happens in your brain its a "stroke" but the cause is the same.