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Profile picture James Wyman
I notice an awful lot of people have Zep listed under Favorite Music Artists.

I saw 'em twice, once at the Garden in 1975 and a couple of years later at a Day on the Green at the Oakland Coliseum stadium (their last U.S. show ever, in fact).

And I find myself having replaced all of their LPs with CDs over the years (except for the Song Remains the Same soundtrack which I'd only had on 8-track in any event), and of course those CDs have migrated onto my computers and iPod and BlackBerry.

Profile picture Scott Lamm Re: Zeppelin
The last time i saw zepplin was at the garden in nyc. It happened to be the night they filmed The song remains the same.. i had 16th row seats, on the floor which i bought off a waitress@ Terry's luncheonette for $16.00. That was the first time a saw a laser light show and Jimmy Page was awesome. Saw him later on at the Capitol theater when formed The Firm, with Paul Rogers of Bad Company?

Scott Lamm
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