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Reunion Afterglow:
What a wonderful group of generous, delightful, incredible people I grew up with in Summit New Jersey. Thank you all for being there, and a special thanks to our heros who organized everything.
Last Post: Oct 11th 2010
Author: janeyork
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As Mimi would have it. Me, I have my plane and reunion tickets, and confirmation of a car rental. What I don't have is a confirmation number for the Suburban. The rather gruff young woman who took my...
Last Post: Oct 2nd 2010
Author: jaswyman
# of posts: 2
Anyone else coming to Reunion from Pacific NW?
I'm coming from Point Roberts WA and was just curious to see if anyone else from our class lives in AK, WA, OR, or northern CA? My fiance and I will be flying to Boston, renting a car there, driving...
Last Post: Sep 19th 2010
Author: jham
# of posts: 1
Some of us are bringing our spouses and some of us are not. I'm not -- but then again I'm flying in from Florida and we have two young'uns (4 and 6).

Who else is going to sit at the...
Last Post: Sep 4th 2010
Author: jaswyman
# of posts: 1
The Summit Elks Club
The Elks Lodge is located at 40 Maple Street – I believe near where Roy’s Toy and Hobby used to be in the good old days. It’s above a great restaurant called Fiorino’s. Having never...
Last Post: May 26th 2009
Author: jaswyman
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