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Sidelawn Derelict Corner
Yeah, I firmly became a derelict my senior year. Smoking -- cigarettes, too -- on the side lawn. Cutting classes in the afternoon to get a "kwot" at the Towne Deli (and then driving around getting a...
Last Post: May 17th 2012
Author: jaswyman
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Yes, I did paint that!
There were three or four of us, as I recall. It was orange, "zinnia" in fact. I'm thinking Julie O'Connell may have taken the photo.
Last Post: Oct 5th 2010
Author: clairethorson
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Does this song take you back?

My cousin Geoff grew up in Highland Park, near New Brunswick. He was our age, and I hung out with him sometimes during school vacations. He...
Last Post: Sep 19th 2010
Author: jham
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It's been losing sleep, so I must confess now after 35 years.......
Pure Genius!! What's the statute of limitations for this crime?. I wonder if any of us can be suspended retroactively for unsolved mysteries of the mischievous kind? Could be trouble.
Last Post: Feb 20th 2010
Author: Sue
# of posts: 4
Mark Cise Just Died of a Heart Attack- Heart Disease is Totally Preventable

Judging from the obituary, Mark probably died of a heart attack. It says to donate to the American...
Last Post: Sep 28th 2009
Author: jham
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I notice an awful lot of people have Zep listed under Favorite Music Artists.

I saw 'em twice, once at the Garden in 1975 and a couple of years later at a Day on the Green at the...
Last Post: May 27th 2009
Author: jaswyman
# of posts: 3
Who do you have as the Final Four?
I will gladly add my comments once the football season starts again. James, this message board is great. Thanks so much for taking it on.
Last Post: Apr 6th 2009
Author: jaswyman
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