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Kelly x 3 - Tom, Loch, Maurice

Friday Night Meet & Greet

No one had any fun on Friday night at the Meet & Greet.
L to R, Row 1:  Wendy Levine, Sheila Bonnell, Mimi Allerton, Kathy Ginsburg Jarvis, Judy Gore Denman, Lydia Barden Peter

Saturday Day Festivities

Saturday Day Festivities:  Run/Walk, Bike Ride, Sarah Haviland Exhibit, Tour of SHS, Tailgate/Soccer Games.
The crowd arrives. Welcome to Hilltopper Country!

Saturday Reunion Dinner

 Saturday Reunion Dinner.

Saturday Reunion Dinner II

Saturday Reunion Dinner II.

Top 75

Top '75

Top '75, Part I.  Huge thanks to Bruce Atkinson for spending hours at the scanner!
Page 81

Top '75 Part II

Top '75 Part II is now complete!  When was the last time you looked at the last page of your yearbook?  When was the last time you looked at your yearbook?

Summit Senior High School

Summit Senior High.  Summit High housed grades 10 through 12 during our tenure.  The High School is now a four year school, and the Summit Middle School houses grades 6, 7 and 8.

Tatlock Field from the sky

Sports & Extracurricular

Sports & Extracurricular.  The agony!  The ecstasy!  The glory!  Indelible bonds formed on the gridiron, the ice, the track, the court, the field.  Once teammates, always teammates!


Summit Junior High School

Summit Junior High.  The Junior High is now the "Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School," recently renamed in honor of the late Mr. Johnson, a Summit native who served in the school's administration for 50 years.  The Junior High was originally the Summit High School.
Brayton School

Brayton School

Brayton School.  Was Wilbur Nelson the principal of Brayton School?  Brayton School is the only elementary school not named after a President.  The land for Brayton School and Memorial Field was donated to the city, in exchange for naming the school after the son of the donor.
Franklin School

Franklin School

Franklin School.  Franklin School now hosts a new athletic field next to the playground.
Jefferson School

Jefferson School

Jefferson School is adjacent to a beautiful, lighted baseball field that serves as the home to Summit Junior Baseball.
Lincoln School

Lincoln School

Lincoln School.  Who can remember the principal of Lincoln School?

Roosevelt School

Roosevelt School

Roosevelt School.  If you have not seen Roosevelt School for a while, you are in for a surprise!
Washington School

Washington School

Washington School sports a new playground, next to the new turf athletic field known as Upper Tatlock.
Wilson School

Wilson School

Wilson School.  No longer an elementary school, Wilson is now a primary center for pre-school and Kindergarten kids.
St. Teresa's

St. Teresa's Roman Catholic Grammar School

A classmate wrote he attended St. Teresa's Penitentiary for Wayward Boys and Saintly Girls!  Who wrote this bio entry?
Summit Opera House, built in 1894 and now Winberie's Restaurant.  Formerly The New Hampshire House and upstairs was Bun

Around Town

Around Town.  Photos from around Summit, past and present.
Note Jim Lawrence lower right hand corner!  Another 1969 event in Summit- this time looking down Springfield Avenue West

Old Photos & Memorabilia

Old Photos.  In a nostalgic frame of mind?  Here you'll find photos of events in town, The Strand, coaches, teachers, houses, etc.